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Joel Kinnaman harking back to the theater

Joel Kinna’s career goes to the train. After the final of the TV series The Killing awaits new Hollywood project. He longs to the theater, even if it is less scary to play Robocop.

The Swedish Hollywood actor Joel Kinnaman is at home in Sweden over the summer and the tabloids reported that he was working out at the gym and kisses on what may be a new girlfriend.

You can tell that he is omsusad when we meet in a hotel lobby in Way Out West. People just tread in the background to get up with him and frankly he seems moderately interested in being interviewed.

He checks the clock several times and when it has passed the ten minutes he says “we’ll take some pictures” and seconds later “now I’m going to party.” Then he’s gone. But before he has time to tell you that he will miss his police role, Stephen Holder, when the last season of The Killing now been released on the web television service Netflix.

- I like him, he was a broken and good soul who had much contrasts himself.

The first season of The Killing came 2011th series has been done twice, but constantly reinvented.

- I have never followed a character for so long before. The choices that I make in scenes reflects in some way, I myself is that moment in life. Therefore, it becomes interesting to go back and look at it afterwards.

The fourth season picks up where the third left off, and ties together the threads of the policemen Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) and Stephen Holder.

- It felt a little disconcerted to leave it open for the third season and I was surprised by how much it meant for me to finish something. It was satisfying in a way that I was not quite prepared for.

Where did you find inspiration for Holder?

- A lot of different places, including when I lived for a year in the United States at 17 and went to high school. It was a giant school with people from poor areas. This particular type, a white guy who has a lot of black and Latinos friends have a certain way of being. There was much in those memories came back when I started working with the character. His abuse was important too, I went a lot of NA and AA meetings for the role.

If you tire never on the police and villain roles?

- I’ve done a lot of it, sure. There is a dramatic world with people living on the outskirts of society. But I do not think I’m doing the same roles, they are very different. I usually divide my roles in different families. Type Holder, Wagner (in Johan Falk) and maybe even JW (in Fast Cash) are a family. They hang together and have some sort of family resemblance.

Has it been that you thought to try your luck in Hollywood?

- I did not have a very developed idea of ​​how it would be. I had quite a lot of humor when I went over and we could laugh at various eccentric characters. In the American entertainment world is estimated eccentrics in a different way and it is higher ceilings. That I really like.

Are you an eccentric?

- No, I have certainly eccentric traits, but it is difficult to perceive myself that way. But I thrive among eccentrics, and they with me. I like when people are a little crazy. People who surprise one.

When will we see you on a stage again?

- I had a dialogue with a theater director six months ago, but it will probably be on Broadway next time.

Do you long for the theater?

- Yes, but there is a fear mixed with desire.

How so?

- It’s much scarier to stand on a county theater in Örebro in front of 200 retirees than to shoot a scene in Robocop.

What is it that makes it so scary?

- It is live, you can not take on. The first three or four years I was doing theater so I threw up every time before I went on stage. It was hard. The stake is higher, but the payment is also higher. You get an incredible adrenaline rush.

Do you have any dream role?

- A lot, but Edmund in Long Day’s Journey into Night. That one I do.

Fact: Joel Kinnaman

Age: 34

Lives: Stockholm and Hollywood.

Movies and TV series in selection: Fast Cash, Arn, John Falk, Robocop, Safe House, The Killing.

Background: Got his break as Raskolnikov in Backa Theatre’s prized set of Crime and Punishment in 2007.



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Joel with Swedish tattoo artist and model, Cleo Wattenström, at WOW. 

Various sources, including Expressen and Hotel Nöjesguiden. 

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